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  • Who can attend Camp Milton?
    Camp Milton is a summer camp for kids ages 6 to 17 who have a neuromuscular disease. We can accommodate all kids despite their disabilities.
  • Who is Milton?
    Milton the Moose is our camp mascot. In 2006, wood carvers visited camp to show off their talents. They carved enough animals for each cabin to have their own. The moose became the favorite so everyone wanted him as their cabin mascot. That's how Milton was born. He is now kidnapped and ransomed throughout camp week.
  • What does it cost to send my child to Camp Milton?
    Thanks to our sponsors and donors, Camp Milton is absolutely FREE to our campers and counselors!
  • When do I register my child for Camp Milton or register to volunteer as a counselor?
    Visit in late February or early March. There will be a link on the home page to register campers, counselors and nurses.
  • Where is Camp Milton located?
    Camp Milton is held at Tall Oaks Conference Center in Linwood, Kansas.
  • What about meals?
    All meals are included. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served in the dining hall on the campgrounds. We also give the kids an afternoon snack through our "Canteen".
  • What are the sleeping arrangements?
    We have access to completely accessible and air conditioned cabins on the grounds that have plenty of beds. Campers and counselors do need to bring their own bedding for the week. If a special bed is needed for your child, we can make arrangements to have one delivered prior to camp.
  • How do parents know what to pack for their camper?
    We can help with that! Prior to camp, you will receive an email chock full of information. A list of what to pack is included. We will also announce what the camp's theme is for that week. This gives campers and counselors a chance to pack attire that coordinates with the theme if they so choose.
  • Who cares for my child throughout the week?
    Camp Milton has a 1:1 camper-counselor ratio. That means campers will have their own counselor to attend to their every need and to ensure the camper has the best week of the year!
  • What if my child's disabilities require special attention?
    We will discuss any special needs with parents prior to camp to ensure we can accommodate their child and make them feel comfortable. We do staff nurses at camp who are available around the clock.
  • How are medications handled at Camp Milton?
    We have a staff of nurses that track all medications that each camper is required to take. If a camper does not show up for a scheduled dosage, our staff will track down the counselor to inform him/her that their camper needs to go to the nurses station for their meds. All medications are safely kept in a locked compartment and room.
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