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Camp Photo & Video Gallery

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Camp Milton 2023

Bon Voyage from Sunny Side Cruiselines!!  We set sail T.O. new adventures in 2023.  Our voyage began with sandcastle building and once we left the dock, a band of pirates commandeered our ship trying to capture Milton! But we held them off and saved our moose!!


The following day, we visited the safari/jungle wilderness, where exotic animals and birds came to visit, units competed in Survivor challenges, and that evening, we had a special visitor from KC Wolf at our annual bonfire. He even got in on the skit action and a dance off with our beloved Milton.


The next day brought us to Jurassic Island, where our campers used their skills on rock digging for dinosaurs, fossils and gems. We were also challenged in the Jurassic Adventures Escape Room, and capped off the day with our Maddox Truitt Talent Show and the poker tournament.


Our last day at sea brought us to a place that was out of this world!  We were entertained by a Project Runway Alien Style, robots and a Cape Canaveral Buffet. Later in the afternoon was the annual LARPing war, and we finished our day with a carnival and dance. We even danced with some Star Wars troopers and Princess Leah! What a blast! 


As sad as it was to head back to port, we have so many fun memories.  Until we see you all in 2024, keep on the sunny side, fellow campers!

Camp Video 2023
Camp Pics 2023

Camp Milton 2022

Happy Trails T.O. ya'll and welcome to the Wild Wild West!  Pull up your boot straps and saddle up that horse!  We had a rootin' tootin' good time in 2022 at Camp Milton!!


The Wild West isn't the Wild West without a nice campfire and s'mores. Our first night out on the prairie was a good one - plenty of bears on motorcycles and sunny side jokes to keep all the cattle wrestlers happy!  There's a bear....where....over there!!


The next day at the crack of dawn, we enjoyed some cheesy entertainment - cheeseballs and shaving cream on our favorite counselors. Then our campers tried their hand at panning for gold.  The little gold duggets were traded for some nice items at the ole' general store. Later that day campers got the chance to tie dye a nice bandana to add to their traveling supplies. But before the day ended we spent a bit of time at the ole Milton Saloon to test our poker skills.


Our last day out on the prairie consisted of some time in the ole swimmin' hole and a bit of fishin'. There was a bit of a scuffle that afternoon...a LARPing war with some local bandits. But all was well, so we headed down to the barn dance for a little two-stepping and corn hole.


As the sun sets again on another camp, we sure will enjoy the memories as we traveled the west!

Camp Milton 2019

Lights...Camera....Action!!  We are ready to move from set T.O. set this year at Camp Milton. Our week started with Action Heroes Day!  Our campers designed their own super hero capes to model for the day. After an afternoon of swimming and arts & crafts, we headed down for a bonfire and smores. All the units showed off their super hero flags.

The next day was Disney Pixar Day. After a bit of cheeseball and shaving cream shenanigans, campers created their own monsters using all kinds of sweet stuff...Twinkies, licorice, jelly beans and everything sugar. They did a fab job. That night was a fun evening at Pizza Planet, straight out of Toy Story. We even  had "The Claw" full of great prizes. The night ended with movie night - Toy Story...well, of course!

And what would a week of movies be without musicals...Wizard of Oz, Grease, so many good ones. The morning started off with the Yellow Brick Road scavenger hunt. That afternoon our campers did a bit of swimming, ziplining and horseback riding, followed up with a poker tournament, lip sync battle and Harley Davidsons that night.

Movie week continued with an Action-Adventure theme. We started with a bit of egg roulette, then the kids experienced the magical world of Harry Potter. With glasses and capes, our wizards made magic potions and slime!  LARPing was scheduled that afternoon, and campers were polishing their skills for the talent show that night. And we finished the day with a paranormal surprise!

Our last day on the movie set was the Oscars.  All our campers should get their own stars in Hollywood with their dancing skills they showed that last night. What a fantastic whirlwind of a week!  Until next time...keep on the sunny side, campers!!

Camp Milton 2018 - Labor Day Weekend Retreat

Well, this is where it all started. After losing funding for our dear camp, so many active participants refused to accept that it was over. They took the bull by the horns and made sure camp happened...and what a treat it was!  Our home away from home was still as magical as ever, thanks to so many people who knew this camp was irreplaceable.  We have come a long way, and the future is so so bright. We can not wait to see what is to come!  Thanks for being a part of this special family....Together, we ARE home!

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